Built for you

RAA Money has all the features that can make your online payments quick and easy. Now you can make payments from anytime and anywhere because RAA Money, as a Switzerland-based company, is present in more than 180 countries. And most importantly, we have built a system to say goodbye to exorbitant charges for international transactions.


Our Values


We understand the troubles of online payments today and what kind of questions can strike you. That’s why our mission is to provide easy solutions to all your problems of online transactions in one place called RAA Money. We are here to serve you with hassle-free online payments of any nature, national or international with minimal bank fees.

Our Vision

When digital is becoming the new normal, we understand the importance of online payments lies in now more than ever. And we are committed to tackle the culture of excessive bank fees during online payments, by providing the facility of national and international easy, quick, and safe online transactions with minimal charges.

What people say about RAA Money

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