How to Transfer Online?

Where to Send?

Select destination country to which you want to sent money

Who is Getting It?

Provide details of recipient

Complete Payments

Make payment for transfer

Recipient Gets the Fund

Your recipient will receive the money

How Transfer Work?

  • 1.

    Create Your Free Account

    Signup for your free account. Just provide basic information and upload your ID, Proof of Address Document.

  • Initiate Your Transaction

    Initiate Your Transaction

    Key in your Send or Receive amount that you want to exchange, and who you want to send to.

  • 3.

    Transfer Your Money

    Send your money by bank transfer or cash deposits to Raa Money’s bank account.

  • Raa Money sends for you

    Raa Money Sends for You

    Once your money is received, we give you the exchange rate that you booked * and send it immediately.

  • Your money arrives

    Your Money Arrives

    Your recipient receives the money, fast and secure at the bank-beating exchange rate.

Why Choose Raa Money?

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